Community COG’s beginning was as humble as Pastor Eubanks’ (Founding Pastor). Following the leading of the Holy Spirit, he set out to build a congregation, one soul at a time.  From the living room of his home, to the “Little Church-house” on 12th Court, to Rock Island Elementary School, to the edifice now at 1300 NW 19th Court, God has raised a following of over four hundred souls. 


Sunday, August 28, 1983 marked the first service of Community Church of God.


Community Christian School began in August of 1998. The school provides daily, year-round care for three months through four years old. CCS teaches and trains its students to be academically and socially prepared to succeed in the next step of elementary school.


In Community’s existence, it has supported numerous missions to include: various hurricane relief drives, Compassionate Kids Center of Haiti, COG Missionary Sisters Vera Boudreaux and Phyllis Newby, Bay Ridge Christian College, National Association Church of God, Florida State Association and Florida Church of God Ministries.  In addition to the support of religious agencies, CCOG actively supports those in need in the community by each year providing approximately twenty-five to thirty families with Thanksgiving boxes filled with non-perishable food items, a turkey and a grocery store gift cards. Also at Christmas the same donations are made, plus toys. CCOG maintains a food pantry for emergency food distribution.


With ten ministers serving in their respective positions, God is providing CCOG with what she needs: Prison/Jail ministry, Prayer Band ministry, Altar Response and Mentor ministry, Youth ministry, Young Adult ministry, Children’s Church ministry, Media ministry, Bus ministry, Women’s ministry, Men’s ministry, Dance ministry and Music ministry.  CCOG flourishes in the departments of Sunday School, Mid-week Bible Study, New Member Classes, Usher Department and the Community Christian School.


August 25, 1996, the CCOG congregation gathered at the Northwest corner of its building and conducted a “Cornerstone Ceremony”, entombing a canister containing precious important items.  The bronze plate that covers the place where the canister was inserted has the following scripture etched upon it:


The stone which the builders rejected, the same is become the head of the corner: this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes.     Matthew 21:42        


The Mission of Community Church of God is: To extend the gospel of Jesus Christ to the unchurched of our community,To promote Christian fellowship and spiritual growth to congregants,To bring wholeness of body, soul and mind to parishioners through sound biblical teachings,To be in partnership with community leaders to help bring about a higher standard of living in health and welfare through a quality Day Care and Christian School.